Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pasta craze

Hubby exclaimed(!!) that doesn't like tomato based pasta so I have not attempted to make pasta for dinner for the past couple of years. i guess he juz don't like noodles in ketchup.

As usual, one day i saw minced beef on sale and decided to make my own bolognese sauce using fresh tomato instead of the canned/bottled tomato pasta sauce.

He loved it and there is no turning back from there on... it has now become our friday dinners as its so easy to eat from the plate, with a fork, in front of the tv. We just shove it down our throats!

The basic ingredients are minced beef, fresh tomato (diced), garlic, onion, mixed herbs, some ketchup/chilli sauce (leftover from fast food delivery), salt & sugar to taste... takes approximately 30 - 45 mins of cooking for all the ingredients to come together.

 Bolognese & Tagliatelle
Bolognese & Linguine & packet chilli flakes & cheese (leftovers from pizza delivery!)
 Bolognese & Linguine & freshly shaved parmasan cheese
And when sliced beef is on sale, i make stir fried sliced beef with parsley and linguine in black pepper sauce