Friday, July 23, 2010

Strawberry pastry cake

Dont know why its call a pastry cake and i dont know what is a pastry cake. The cake is dense, not oily (as there is little butter used) and has a great taste! tastes 10x better if its heated up in the mircowave (covered for 30 seconds on high).
I know the cake will look prettier without cinnammon but i am willing to sacrifice the looks for great taste and the aroma which fills the house when the cake is baking!
The cake will look better if i sprinkle some icing sugar on top but its too late at night and i cant be bothered! (went to watch 'Inception'. Fantastic movie!)
The jammy but in the cake is the strawberry bits from the strawberry yogurt i used in the receipe (instead of sour cream). Extra yummy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The tastiest muffcake ever

The good news is, this is the softest and tastiest cupcake/muffin (my girlfriend calls it muffcake) ever. The bad news is, this is because I made a mistake and didnt follow the receipe right. I double up all the ingredient but only added 1 portion of the flour. Should i claim credit for this success? can i call myself the accidental chef? wahahha.

I only have 1 muffin tray so i made some in cupcake cups and some in muffin cups.

Simply delicious. This receipe is a keeper. Opps, what i mean is, my accidentally self-created receipe is a keeper.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coffee baileys cheesecake

My first cheesecake. NYDC cheesecake is the choice for hubby's birthday cake for 2 - 3 yrs. Wanted to make one for him this birthday so this is a test run. Problem now is, the cheesecake is so BIG, i have 1/4 stored in the freezer. Don't know when this 1/4 cheesecake is will 'go away'. Before it does, it makes no sense to make another one yah?

Anyway, it is a success. Thanks to the many hints and tips from those who tried the receipe.
Receipe is from here.

Angle Gourd

Angle Gourd ('Jiao3 Gua1') is so common in the supermarket. And cheap. Problem is, its always sold in a pair (and yet only cost SGD$1 plus). The skin looks very thick but its very easy to scrap off using a vegetable peeler. It has such a natural sweetness that i will be surprised by its taste each time i cook it. 

I used one to stir fry with dried scrimps, dong fen, black fungus and prawns.
The angle gourd is sliced around 1 cm thick and 4-5 cm long.
My second dish using angle gourd - stir fry with minced meat and egg.
Angle gourd is sliced in thicker chunks.