Thursday, January 14, 2010

A meal to remember

This is a meal to remember - 30 Dec 2009 - Madhatter's party...

We have the madhatter's themed party
Its nana's birthday!
We have 100% local attendance (all spouses and Baby T joined us! overseas frens excluded)
The food is enjoyable...
The cake is fantastic!
There is prezzies for everyone!

I love my friends!!

- Roast pork belly done in two marinates, served with honey mustard sauce
- Bacon wrapped carrot and kailan stem
- Angel's hair in chicken pesto
- Portobello mushroom baked with garlic and cheese
- Kailan stem and carrot, cooked in cheese
- Salad served with Italian herb dressing
- Soft white bread, served with unsalted butter (freshly baked from the breadmaker)
- Lychee martini cake (from Pine Gardens)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Garlic in olive oil (again)

This is my 3rd post on garlic in olive oil.
See 1st and 2nd post.

This time round, instead of chopped garlic, i sliced the garlic instead.

There is approximately 4 bulbs of garlic in this bottle, i sliced them in front of the TV in the living room.
:P This bottle will last me at least 2 mths.

However, according to Wikipedia 'Garlic is often kept in oil to produce flavoured oil; however the practice requires measures to be taken to prevent the garlic from spoiling. Untreated garlic kept in oil can support the growth of deadly Clostridium Botulinum. Refriguration will not assure the safety of garlic kept in oil.'


Safety measure i took include:
- having enough oil to cover the garlic
- always keep garlic refrigerated
- always use a clean and dry spoon when taking out the garlic from the bottle for use
- check the garlic for bad smell, moulds or turn of colour before using

Mee sua soup

After the xmas and new year feasting, its time to detox.

Cooked a simple and light lunch, using leftovers in the fridge.

What do you need?
- Sliced pork (marinated)
- Kai lan stem (5cm long)
- 1 stalk of chye sim
- 1 baby carrot
- 4 cherry tomato
- 2 mee sua (dried)
- 2 cups of chicken stock

How to do it?
Heat pot with water, water level at approximately 1.5 inches. Bring to boil, add mee sua, cook for approx 2 mins or until water reboils for 1 min.

Drain mee sua and put into bowls.

Heat pot again with chicken stock. Add sliced of pork and bring to boil. Add all vegetables, bring to boil.
Pour soup, meat and vegetables into bowls with mee sua, serve.

Season with some soya sauce, pepper and sesame seed oil to taste.
Sprinkle with fried shallots. Serve.