Monday, March 16, 2009

Steam pork patty with salted fish

Saw on Sunday times Life! section that there is an interesting and affordable eatery place at funan.

Coincidentally hubby wanted to look at study table so we can go to Funan centre's vhive.

The eatery is called Paradise Inn, its under Paradise group and my family frequently visit the Paradise Seafood at Defu lane for crabs.

In the newspaper article, there is the mention of pig leg vermicelli so we ordered that. Nice but there is no MEAT! only skin and fat and lots of bone.

They also serve braised pork served with steam bun ('Kong bah bao') which is their signature dish. 1 piece is $2.30, we had one each. ok only. The meat is too bland for my taste and also not soft enough for my liking.

We also ordered steam pork patty with salted fish.

Below is my version and i personally think mine taste nicer!

What you need?
- half a pack of minced pork
- 1 piece of salted fish
- 4 pieces of perserved chye sim, chopped coarsely (those u eat with porridge)
- 1 egg
- a handful of dried scrimps (soaked and chopped coarsely)

How to do it?
Mix minced pork with preserved chye sim and dried scrimps.
Marinate with chinese wine, sesame oil, pepper and soya sauce for 10 mins.
Add 1 egg, mix well.
Add 1 tablespoon of corn flour, mix well.
Using a flat based plate, coat with olive oil (i use spring onion oil)
Pour minced meat onto plate and spread it evenly.
Topped with salted fish and fried spring onion (optional).
Bring water to boil in pan with steamer rack.
When water is boiling, place minced pork patty into the steamer carefully.
Cover and steam for 15 mins.
Using a fork, cut through the patty to the centre and check that its fully cooked before serving.

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