Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dim Sum class #2

In lesson 2, we learn to make red bean agar agar and rou bao (meat bun)

Red bean agar agar is similar to the chestnut cake, you may think. But there is a reason for the instructor to teach us both. The chestnut cake requires steaming whereas the red bean agar agar does not require steaming and will harden upon cooking.

Teaching us both will give us options as well as compare the 'kueh' like textures.

You may notice the red bean agar agar in the picture above is different from the picture here.
The picture above is the versio of the red bean agar agar cut out from the tray whereas the other is into small cup moulds.
In the above picture, its clear that the red beans are whole and its nice to chew on...

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