Friday, July 10, 2009

Colleague Appreciation day - 10 July

Today is Colleague Appreciation day in office. Its a yearly event, the charities will come in and get u to buy chocolates and flowers for charity and give to your colleagues. I find it quite meaningful but after 2 yrs of it, people got tired of giving flowers and chocolates (those cheapo and only-left-1-mth-before-expiry type) so some went out to get their own.

So end up i have a mini cornetto (ended up eating 2 cos they have extras, one vanilla and one Oreo), a 717 durian cupcake and chocolate (2 boxes). See pic below.

Didnt take picture but i also have a Miss Chatterbox figurine and a orange gerbera...

I have very nice colleagues, but i am not so nice.
I didn't prepare anything.

So i will make something over the weekend and bring to office.

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