Sunday, April 25, 2010

Braised fish with roast pork and clam

This is definately not a 'lazy cooking' dish.
i am kinda forced to cook it this style as i am worried that the fish is not fresh.

i went to the supermarket to buy fish for steaming and chanced upon a promotion for the day. Can't remember how much but i remembered the fish costs $2+ only. After i got the staff to clean and scaled one fish and realised how cheap it is, i cant help being greedy and got him to give me another one!

The first fish i steamed it immediately, the 2nd one i think i must have kept it for about 2-3 weeks in the freezer. I had leftover roast pork in the freezer and is immediately reminded of this dish that is cooked by my mum. The fried fish and roast pork has a way of infusing the unique aroma of fried food into the gravy and its heavenly. To make the gravy even sweeter, i cooked the clams in a separate pot, removed the clam flesh from the shells and used the soup from cooking clam in the gravy. Yummy!

Fish cooking in clam stock
Thicken gravy with starch flour and water mixture
Nai bai is fried separately with salt and chinese wine. Laid on super big plate and presented it as a single dish.

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