Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chap Chye (Mixed vegetables)

Chap chye - this dish is good for entertaining as you can cook this way in advance and simply heat up when ready to serve. Delicious, nutritious and wholesome. Is there anyone out there who doesn't like chap chye? I love it! Maybe its a hokkien thing... but the nonyas also have chap chye so it must be a teochew thing as well. Haha.

What do i have in my chap chye?
- Cabbage
- Dried shitake mushroom (dried)
- Monkeyhead mushroom (dried)
- Black fungus (dried)
- Golden needles (dried)
- Dried scrimps
- Garlic
- Spring onion
- Chicken

Wow!!! Thats a lot of stuff for one dish huh? No wonder i end up with a HUGE plate everytime i cook chap chye. A bit of everything thrown in turns out a HUGE portion. Greedy me....

Oh yah, in case you are wondering... I am a hainanese...

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