Monday, December 21, 2009

'Jia chang bian fan'

Every once in a while, instead of going out for dinner, i will invite my friend over for 'jia chang bian fan' (home cooked fare).

I saw some twee bak (pork leg) going at 99cents per 100gm at Carrefour and suddenly had the urge to make lor bak (braised pork). So I bought 2 packets and cook them at night, after work, thinking i will have them for dinner the next day.

Then, the girls decided to meet up, so i thought, since i already have the braised pork, i can cook up a few simple dish and we can eat at my place.

So, I went to buy 'tau pok' (fried beancurd skin) during lunch to add to my 'lor bak'. Hubby bought 2 packs of vege on the way home.

Took cab to friend's office and she drove me home. Upon reaching, we quickly put the tau pok in to braise in the sauce of the 'lor bak' until soft.

Saw some 'chye por' (preserved raddish) in the fridge so decided to make chye por omelette. I had a packed of marinated chicken wings and drums in the freezer, defrost them in the microwave and roast them in the oven.

In less than 2 hrs, we have a home cooked meal for 6.

I love cooking for my friends!

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