Saturday, December 12, 2009

Porky porridge with 'you tiao'

There is a prorridge stall in ABC market that will serve a you tiao sitting across the bowl. What i like about the stall is that they are serious about serving crispy you tiao. You can see that they deliberately ordered half-fried you tiao and refry when u order the porridge. And when i say re-fry, i mean they re-fry one by one, upon order, not mass refry. The result is crispy freshly fried you tiao for every bowl of hot porridge. Letting it sit on top of the bowl also means that the you tiao is not soaked into the porridge and u can just dip it into the porridge before taking a bite. Crispy you tiao in every bite with a mouthful of porridge. So clever.

Of cos, i stole the idea. Bought extra you tiao for breakfast, and then cooked pork porridge for lunch.
Mince pork with sliced pork (with egg).

Bursting with protein and carbo!

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