Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Wanted to cook fish but ended up making this

After the CNY feasting, wanted to cook cod fish, with salad and mushroom as sides.
Unfortunately, i went to the supermarket too late and GIANT ran out of both Cod and Salmon!

Tenderloin is pretty small piece so i bought 4! haha two each. cost $23... pricey but if u eat in restaurant 1 piece will cost u the same price on normal days, dont know how they will overcharge for v day :P

For salad, i bought a box of butterhead lettuce, there is 2 'heads', used only one for dinner, kept the other one for supper the next day. Peel and wash the lettuce, shake off excess water or else the dressing gets diluted.
for dressing, i used lemon juice, honey and japanese sesame salad dressing. Tangy and sweet, very refreshing.

Bought 2 boxes of mushroom, one white and one brown. cook everything and have 3 portions of whats shown above. the 3rd portion i had it as supper the same day :P
Quick stir fry the mushrooms with garlic and onion, sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper.

This is the 3rd time Ben and i make steak at home, but this is the first time i get to cook the steak. Watch Jamie Oliver Ministry of food and in the show he said after cooking the steak need to let it rest for a few minutes. i know the reason why. when resting, the juices will flow out and all the bloody juices will not mess up the plate and the side dishes when u cut into the meat. Further, the juices collected can be used in gravy to give it the extra oomph...
Marinate the steak for 15-30 mins with seasoned pepper and salt, on both sides, press it into the meat lightly.

Heat pan, add a piece of butter, when melted halfway, add olive oil to stop the butter from burning. after butter totally melt and bubbling away, put the steak and swirl it around the pan. Do not turn it until after at least 1 min and when its time to turn, the steak will be browned nicely on one side. Do the same for the other side. Keep the heat on medium high. Browning bother sides quickly will seal in the juice. After both sides are nicely browned, turn heat to low medium and continue to cook for around 3 min on each side for medium cooked steak.

For steak sauce, i bought lee kum kee black pepper sauce in a bottle (free extra 50%)
brown garlic with bit of olive oil, add water (ard 1/4 cup) and add 2 tablespoon of sauce. add sugar to neutralise the saltiness of the sauce and add more coarse black pepper if u like it spicy!

To serve, place lettuce salad, mushroom and steak on plate, drizzle salad dressing over lettuce and black pepper sauce over steak.

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