Thursday, February 5, 2009

New York 10 - 22 Jan 2009

Year 2009 came and a couple of months passed.
2008 Xmas celebration, 2009 new year celebration, planning for CNY before trip, pack, 2 weeks in NY, back from trip, CNY, unpack, back to work and finally, succumb to the stupid flu virus....
Now at home resting and have time to post this.
Considered it a blessing in disguise.

Trip to New York is memorable as...
1) Its my first SQ business class

2) Its my first time landing on a snow covered runway

Before the trip, someone tells me to get a window seat on the left so that i can have a fantastic view of Manhatten when the plane is touching down.
However, when i look out of the window, its pitch white. My first view is the snow covered runway and 3 seconds later, BUMP. we have landed.
view? what view? the harsh cold weather robbed me of the view! well, at least we landed safely under such extreme weather conditions. its -4 deg out there.
3) its my first time in Manhatten and New Jersey
This picture is taken on my 1st day at work. On our way back to Hudson from Manhatten, its around 3pm in the afternoon, the sky is clear, the sun is bright. Pictire perfect: the view of Manhatten from Hudson, across Hudson River (btw, this is where the UA plane landed on the Hudson river!)
On the 4th day, it snowed. Hudson now looks like this.
This picture is taken from the 70 Hudson office.
Imagine having such a Statue of Liberty view from your office.
4) its my first real snowfall experience
I dont count the snow in blue mountain when in australia (i think its frozen rain) and dont count the snow on mount titlis when in switzerland (more like wind carrying snow on the ground)...
If you look at the picture closely, you can see the snow falling.
5) i had a close up view of the Statue of Liberty
This is taken on ferry to Ellis Island. You dont need me to tell you who this lady is.

6) i went up the Empire State Building
This is taken on the 86th observatory, later i went up onto the 102nd!
The pigeon has a better view.

7) its was my first factory outlet shopping experience
Went bananas. To give you a taste, this is the picture of my bags only.

8) my first view of the Manhatten skyline
On my flight out, i looked out of the window and this is what i saw: a sea of gold. This picture didnt do Manhatten justice. Use your imagination and multiply the lights by 10 times and its how awesome the view is. Though i didnt get to see it on my way in, the surprise on my way out makes enduring the harsh cold, the long hours at work, the time spent away from home all worth it.

My only regret is that i didnt get to visit any museum in NY.
Next time maybe.

CNY sidetrack:

Made my first fried nian gao this yr on first day of lunar new year... successful! yummy.

I made the mistake of placing the niao gao into the fridge. Makes it turn into stone and almost impossible to cut through even with my trusty chopper. By the time i finish, i am breaking into sweat and i didnt get the really thin slices i want. i wanted it to be 0.5cm thick, turn out to be 1cm.

Make the batter using only egg and flour, into a lumpy batter, dip niao gao and fry with little oil. easy and yet so crunchy and fragrant!

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