Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Siew mai

This is a giantic siew mai, cant tell from this close up picture, scroll to the bottom and upon comparision with the saucer, u will notice its twice your average size siew mai. I am 'forced' to make it so big as the wanton skin is very big. Its actually a dumpling skin. :D Its not normal dumpling skin, its shanghai dumpling skin. Its white in colour and its chewy compared to the normal yellow ones. Another great find in Carrefour!
What do you need?
Ingredients A:
- minced pork 200gm
- diced prawns 150gm
- 2 chinese mushroom (soaked and diced)
- 2 black fungus (i ran out so i used white ones instead)
- 3 stalks of Parsley (chopped finely - put aside some parsley leaves for deco)
- 1 thumb size of ginger (minced)
- some dried scrimps (soaked and finely chopped)

Other ingredients:
- Seasoning (Soya sauce, pepper, wine, oyster sauce, sesame seed oil)
- 1 tbsp of starch flour
- 2 tbsp of stock
- Dumpling skin

How to do it?
Put ingredient A into a big bowl, mix well.
Add seasoning, mix well. Add starch flour and stock.
Mix well for 5 - 10 minutes until the mixture is sticky and starchy.
Marinate for 30 mins in the fridge.

Wrap meat in dumpling skin. Put a parsley leaf on top for deco.

Heat water in pot, place siew mai into steam when water is boiling. Steam for 15 mins.

Yield 6 giant siew mai. Haha. 

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