Friday, December 19, 2008

Lets see how long i can keep this up

decides to start this blog because
- a fren send me a sms 'carrot can stir fry with what?'
- reply 'anything u want... some greens maybe?'
- then later that evening she sends me an sms with a pic file attached
- its a plate of sweet peas stir fry with carrot and beancurd
she is so pleased with herself and she asks me for receipes

for her, i started taking pictures of my ingredients, cooking methods and the final product
put it into a word document, wanting it to be a receipe book

later i realise its not a good idea. pics in word doc makes the doc too big (though i have compressed it!!) and its very difficult to send via email!

husband then asks me to start a blog

first attempt.... alamak, need google account...
forget it....

continue to work on word document....
husband nags again

Finally today, husband is out gaming...
nothing to do, nothing interesting on tv

lets click on create blog again
hm... yah hor, i dont have google account *ponders*

never mind, put in my yahoo one...

eh? can leh, it works!!!

oh well, lets get started.... and see how long i can keep this up

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