Monday, December 29, 2008

Stir fry vegetables (Pak Choy + scallops)

Quick tip for cooking leafy vege is that the stems and leaves must be separated.
Stems needs longer time to cook than the leaves. Cook stems first before leaves or else the leaves will turn yellowish (overcooked) or the stems too raw and hard (undercooked)

You can find this 2 ingredients in any supermarket.

A box of scallops last forever. I use if when I run out of fresh meat/seafood in the fridge.
It can be used for just about everything. For stir fry, in instant noodles etc

1 packet of pak choy serves 2 (me and hubbie...good to eat lots of greenies)

What do you need?
1 packet of Pak Choy (washed and cut into half - stems and leaves)
5-6 frozen scallops (rinse under water)
Frozen minced garlic in oil
Oyster sauce
Corn flour (optional)

How to do it?
Heat pan, add frozen minced garlic in oil
Wait for oil to melt and fry garlic until brown and fragrant.
Add a bit of corn flour to scallop before adding scallop into pan to stir fry together.
Stir fry until 50% cooked.
Add stems of pak choy

When stems are 50% cooked, add the rest of the leafy parts.
Don’t need to add water.
Keep frying until soft, add oyster sauce.

Don’t overcook or the vegetable will turn yellow.

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