Monday, December 29, 2008

Stir-fry cabbage with Tang Hoon

You will find this dish at every economic rice stall cos
- it is so easy to cook
- the ingredients is cheap
-cabbage can keep in the fridge for weeks if wrapped in clean kitchen wipes (removes moisture inside the bag) and then in a plastic bag

What do you need?
1/2 medium sized cabbage (1 cabbage cost approx $0.90, sliced horizontally)
Small handful of Tang Hoon (soaked)
1 black fungus (optional, soaked, sliced horizontally)
1 handful dried scrimps (soaked)
Frozen minced garlic in oil
Meat/seafood (minced pork, sliced chicken/pork, frozen prawn, frozen scallop)
· Defrost meat/seafood if stored in freezer. Cut to bite size.
· Optional to marinate with light soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil. (don’t need to marinate if using dried food
Oyster sauce

How to do it?
Heat pan, add frozen minced garlic in oil.
Wait for oil to melt, when garlic is brown, add scrimps
Fry garlic and scrimp until fragrant.
Add a bit of corn flour to meat/seafood before adding meat/seafood into pan to stir fry together.
Stir fry until 70% cooked.
Add cabbage, stir fry
When cabbage soften, add ½ cup water, add tang hoon and fungus
Add oyster sauce, stir to fully dissolve in water
Cover and cook slowly until water dries up (leave a bit of water as the gravy!)

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