Sunday, August 9, 2009

Otah bun

This is my first attempt at making bread.

My mother in law always have boxed frozen otahs to give me.
First time she gave me 2 boxes, ate 1 and another box went bad.

Second time she gave me 1 box. So i made an effort to cook and ate it before it went bad.

This is the third time and this time, she gave me 2 boxes.

Hubby went to serangoon gardens for lunch one day and bought many traditional buns from a apparently famous bakery. He bought buns with red bean, peanut and yam fillings. I am very disappointed that he didnt buy any otah buns cos otah bun is my favourite!

And then i remembered i have 2 boxes of otah in the fridge so i decided to go in search of the sweet bun receipe and make my own otah buns!

What do you need?
Ingredients A:
- 480gm bread flour
- 120gm all purpose flour
- 110gm sugar
- 10gm salt
- 20gm coffeemate (or milk powder)
- 4tsp Instant yeast (i used approx 8gm)

Ingredients B:
- 1 Egg
- 300ml water

Ingredient C:
- 60 gm butter (soften)

How to do it?
Place ingredients A into a bowl. Mix well.

Add ingredients B (first add the egg and slowly add the water. Pour water in a slow and steady stream as the mixing takes place) into A and knead in mixer using the hooked attachment until a dough is formed. This takes approximately 10 mins.

Add ingredient C and continue to knead the dough until the butter fully incorporated.

Brush a big dry bowl with olive oil or butter. Turn dough into the bowl and flip dough in the bowl so the dough is covered with oil all over. Cover with cling wrap and let the dough proof for 50 - 60 mins

After 60 mins, the dough will double in size.

Divide dough into 80gm each (receipe recommended 60gm) and i derived 14 portions.
Place the mini doughs onto a tray (coated in oil as well to prevent sticking) and let it rest for another 10 mins.
Cut the boxed otah into 6 pc each.

Wrapped 1 pc of otah into 1 portion of 80gm dough. i flatten the dough on my palm, place 1 pc of otah in the centre and fold the sides up and around the otah. Pinch and seal the dough.
As i have 2 pc of dough left, i wrapped them with chicken franks. Tried rolling out the dough into a long rope and curl it around the hot dog. The result is a slightly different pattern, though not too evident cos my 'rope' is too thick :D
Cover the dough again with cling wrap and let it rest for another 50 - 60mins. This is because in the course of handling / wrapping the filling into the dough, the dough is being compressed so we need the dough to proof again for the 3rd time.

After proofing, the dough becomes 20-30% bigger. Brush with egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds.
Bake at 170 - 180 degree for 12 - 15 mins.....

Not bad for a first attempt huh?

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