Monday, August 10, 2009


Beans are suppose to be good for health.

1) Chickpeas (i call them 'kachang pu teh' peas)
I still remember i first bought them when i was doing part time near tekka market.
My mum and i will boil them for 1 hour in salt water and eat them for afternoon snack.

i guess its not very common cos after so many yrs, i see it in carefour and decides to buy it.
1 pack only $1 i think. Cheap cheap.

According to wikipedia, its provides calcium which is good for ladies and low in fat.

i soaked it in water in the morning and by noon, it ballooned into twice the size and only takes 15 mins to cook in salt water.

Brought this to the Liverpool vs Singapore match at Kallang stadium.
Hubby and I can't stop munching on them!

2) Green beans
Tried Wiki-ing for 'green beans' and didnt get what i expected.
Surf around and realised its call Mung Beans

I started cooking green beans using rice cooker after reading a copy of the Chinese Reader's Digest on the plane back to Spore from Bali.

There is this article written by a lady and how she enjoys going to her grandma place for green bean soup. Whats so unique and special about her grandma green bean soup is that the beans are whole, the soup is clear and the beans has a bite to it.

I never had green bean soup like that. Green beans usually crack open when boiled.
So i experimented with the method mentioned in the article.

Soak the green bean (i soak in the fridge overnight) and cook using rice cooker.

The result is a tasty bowl of green bean soup, beans whole but the soup has a nice olive green colour and is rich and fragrant.

Gave some to Mother in law and she said that hubby's grandma also likes her green bean soup whole. How she achieves that is to monitor the cooking of the soup very closely and turn off the flame immediately once the beans starts to crack.

Looks like using a rice cooker does the trick very well and ensures that the beans are cooked thoroughly (shell intact, soft on the inside)

Yum. Cold green bean soup is a great afternoon snack on a hot and sweltering afternoon.

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