Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fried Yam cake

The post is long overdue.
After i made Yam cake back in June, the rest of June is eating yam cake, yam cake amd more yam cake.

Though i 'dispose' of 2 trays by giving 1 tray each to my mum and MIL, i still have 2 trays i have to finish up. Gave 1/4 tray to a friend, remaing 1 and 3/4 i have to find a way to finish up.

On weekdays, i will simply microwave it and bring it to office for breakfast.
For weekend treats and for light dinner, i will make fried yam cake.

When i was in chinatown market to buy yam, i saw this 'fresh' preserved chye por (preserved raddish). Instead of the usual prepacked minced chye por u find in supermarkets, this one is sold in huge tubs. I asked for $2 worth and ended up with approximately 20 strips of finger sized chye por. When i was in sec sch, i remember my auntie always goes to Thailand and returns with chye por like these. They are sweet, crunchy and not saltish at all.

The ones in Chinatown tastes the same :) Delicious Chye por lost and found!

What do you need?
- Minced garlic in oil
- 1/4 pack of minced pork
- 4 strips of chye por (diced coarsely)
- 3 eggs
- 1/4 tray of yam cake (diced 1 inch cubes)

How to do it?
Heat pan without oil, fry the chye por until dry and fragrant.
Add minced garlic in oil, and minced pork.
Fry until garlic and pork is nicely browned.

Add a little more oil before adding yam cake.

Mix well, lay out the yam cake on the pan to brown evenly for 3-5 mins.

Crack eggs into a bowl, add a dash of soya sauce and pepper, mix well and pour into pan.
Turn over after 3-5 mins when underside is brown.

Cut into 4 large pieces and serve on plate.

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