Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chicken Pesto Pasta

My UK friend recommend me this Marks & Spencer pesto sauce when I am in UK 2 yrs ago. In Canary Wharf, there is a M&S supermarket and they sell a lot of stir in pasta sauces.

When i was there, we bought it and used it for pastas with M&S apple sausages.
Super yummy.

There was this time hubby and i went to Parkway Parade and i saw this on the M&S shelves! Cant contain my excitement, must buy!

But no surprise, its much more expensive in Singapore. I think it only cost GBP1.50 in UK which is around SGD$4.50. Guess how much i pay here? nearly double! SGD$7.90. One bottle of this can be used to cook pasta for 2, at least 3 times (4 times if you are less generous with the pesto sauce).

But it taste so good, and i very much want hubby to try... the rest is history.

What do you need?
- 2 tablespoon of M&S pesto sauce
- half a chicken breast (diced)
- 1 handful of linguini (size of a twenty cent coin is the portion for 2)
How to do it?
Marinate chicken with a bit of pepper, some chinese wine and sesame seed oil (notice i didnt add soya sauce. this is because the pesto sauce is saltish).
Mix well and marinate for 10 mins.
Before cooking, remember to add 2 teaspoon of corn flour.
Bring a pot of water to boil, add a teaspoon of olive oil and salt into the water, add linguini and cook till soft, takes approximately 4-5mins
Heat frying pan, stir in garlic in oil until garlic turns light brown.
Stir in chicken. Cook chicken until it turns into a nice light brown
At this point, stir in the pesto sauce.
After chicken is well coated, stir in the cooked pasta.

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