Monday, April 27, 2009

Sushi making

Went to Telok Ayer Green Hong Lim Community Centre today to learn sushi making.

i was late for 15 mins and i DID NOT MISS anything.

Paid $18 for course fee, $4 for materials fee. To kick start, she first show us a platter of sushi she made and 'force' everyone to try.

She collect money from everyone, then use bare hands to touch the sushi, then ask pple to eat....

Then she talk about how to cook rice (while the rice is already cooking in the cooker)

when the rice is cooked and when she took it out, i have to admit.... i was pretty impressed.
The whole room smells great! she uses kelp (a kind of japanese seaweed) to cook her rice and it just makes it smells different from normal rice!

while she is scooping out the rice into a wooden container, she went on to say that she bought the wooden container many yrs ago for $70+ and now it cos around $120... but of cos you dont need to buy lah, just any bowl or container as long as not stainless steel....blah blah blah...

While she is scooping, a chuck of rice fall out of the container onto the table. She pick it up with her bare hands and throw back into the container.... **roll eyes**

then she show us how to mix the rice with the vinegar mixture and then demo how to roll.
Funny thing is, while she is demostrating, she ask her assistant (i think its her maid) to demostrate together with her.

The maid went on to do her own and end up making the california maki (the one with seaweed inside, fish roe outside) and while she is rolling her own maki (seaweed outside).

She grumble grumble and say that her assistant should do the same, then say never mind.. say her assistant can show us how to do the california maki cos she is very good at at it and is even better then her!

duh! i come her learn from assistant or learn from her?! **roll eyes**

then she take half the rice, open a can of seaweed mix thingy (say its ex, $4.70 per bottle) and then pour half a bottle in to mix with the rice. she then demo using the daiso moulds to shape out rice balls using the flavoured rice while emphasising at least 5-10 times
"this is make for children"
"this is for children to play and make their own"

She then went on with her sales pitch....say she also make to sell, and of cos she sell cheap cheap only -_-""

After that, she insist everyone try their hands at making 2 rolls (one each) but there is not enough table space for everyone! so we patiently stand around and wait... pple go up to her and ask questions...

but after each of us makes one roll, there is no more rice! *faintz*

No more rice... end of playtime, so we all go wash hands... the maid started cleaning, she ask if we bring container... then big hoo ha... some nice auntie went out and find some styrofoam boxes and started distributing... then the instructor started cutting the first roll into small pieces to demo how to cut sushi.... after she finishes cutting the first roll into bite size pieces, she said "i cut the roll into half and u all bring home and cut yourself okay?'

'come to the front and take from me".... then halfway through she add "after you take you can go home'

its only 9pm....and the maid has already clean the room, pack the stuff, the sushi distributed and she is already asking us to go home!

the course is 730 - 930 leh! cheat me of my money!

so i went home with half roll of seaweed maki, half roll of california maki, 2 pieces of flavoured rice for dinner.

oh, for the record, this is my instructor's credentials posted on the OnePA website:

Trainer's/Operator's Qualifications/Awards
Cert (6 Jul -4 Aug 07)
Cert (5 Mar - 24 Apr 07)
Cert of Attainment (20 - 22 Jul 05)

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