Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ubud Bali - 28 Mar 09

Thursday 26th is called 'Silent Day'

Entire Bali shuts down, everyone stays at home to mediate, even airport is not open.
Lucky for us, our flight to Bali is on Friday. Airport is open, and by the time we reach the villa, its almost evening and we are not affected by the festivities.

We are informed by the staff at the villa that saturday morning, the shops will not be open in the morning as everyone will be heading to the temples. so we asked more about whats going on and who knows, our guest assistant, artawa volunteered to take us to his village and join him for praying.

All in all, on saturday morning, we went to 3 temples.
Below are the pictures

Their traditional costume for ladies is also called the kerbaya. i am surprised to see that some of them are pretty revealing (can see through)...

After the temple visit, we went to artawa's house cos he has to go back and pray at his house's shrine, every house has their own shrine and his looks like this
Fighting cocks... every family keeps at least 2-3

The kitchen area - open concept

His uncle's house's shrine
The 'theme' of this festival is Metal and decoration is put on anything metal to 'thank' them.
You will see something similar on motorcycles, cars etc

Mother hen running wild with the chicks in tow...

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