Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fried french bean with ikan bilis and eggs

What you need?
- 1 packet of french beans (wash, trim off both ends, cut into 1 inch length)
- 1 handful of ikan bilis (wash and dry with kitchen napkin)
- 2 tablespoon of oyster sauce
- 2 eggs
- minced garlic in oil

How do you do it?
Heat wok, stir fry garlic in olive until slightly brown
Add ikan bilis and stir fry until crisp, taking care not to burn the garlic
When ikan bilis is crisp, add french bean and fry until beans are 70% cooked (approx 3 mins)

push beans to the side of the pan and crack 2 eggs at the sides

Wait 1 min for the eggs to be 50% cooked before mixing the egg with french bean. This will ensure that pieces of eggs are visible and yet lightly coating the beans.

If you dont want to see huge chunks of egg but the egg to coat the beans, stir quickly once u have added the eggs

Add the oyster sauce to taste

Quickly stir to mix well before serving

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