Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mui Fan

The idea of cooking Mui Fan is spanned off from the idea of cooking Hor Fan.
We are unable to get hor fun noodles from NTUC so...

This is my first attempt at making this.
Hubby likes to order this when we eat out at Zi Char stalls. He likes his rice 'swimming' in the gravy.
For me, I seldom order it cos it always comes with squid and prawns that i dont really fancy.

This is why my version of it has meat, meat and more meat...

What do you need:
- Freshly cooked rice for 2 pax
- 1/3 pack of minced pork
- 1 egg
- 1/2 chicken breast
- 4 stalks of kai lan
- 8 prawns
- minced garlic in oil
- 10 dried scallops (you dont need this if you have ready stock)
- Pepper, soya sauce, sesame seed oil, chinese wine
- Corn flour, approximately 6 teaspoon
- Oyster sauce (to taste)

How to do it?

Prepare the scallop stock:
- Using a small pot, fill it with water halfway (about 3-4 cups of water), and bring to boil.
- Add dried scallops into boiling water, leave it covered and boil it for approximately 20 mins.
- At the end of 20 mins, the scallops will be soften.
- Using a ladle, break up the scallops and let it boil for another 20 mins.
(Breaking the scallops will allow the sweetness to release more readily)

Prepare the ingredients:
- Wash and cut the kai lan into bit size pieces
- Cut chicken breast into thin slices.
- Shell and remove intestines from prawns.
- In separate bowls, marinate the chicken, minced pork and prawns with soya sauce, chinese wine, pepper and sesame seed oil for at least 15 mins.
- 5 mins before cooking, add half the egg white from 1 egg into the minced pork and mix well.
- Add 2 teaspoon of corn flour into minced meat and mix well.
- Put remaining egg into a bowl and beat well.
- For the chicken and prawn, add 1 teaspoon of corn flour each and mix well.
- Put 2 teaspoon for corn flour into a clean bowl and mix with water to form a corn flour mixture.

How to cook:
- Heat pan and fry garlic in olive oil until brown.
- Pour scallop stock into the pan and bring to boil.
- Add chicken slices into the pot.
- While waiting for it to re-boil, using a teaspoon, scoop spoonfuls of minced meat into the palm of one hand and carefully shape them into balls before adding them into the pots.
- After all the meatballs are completed, bring stock to boil again before adding the prawns.

- When the prawns turn pink, add beaten egg slowing into the pot, pouring it in a slow stream, moving around the pot to create 'egg flowers'
- do not stir the mixture for 1 min and wait for the egg to harden
- add kai lan and cook until soften
- test the stock for taste. if its not saltish enough, add in oyster sauce to your liking
- add corn flour mixture into the pot, in a slow stream, stirring constantly to thicken the mixture.

Scoop freshly cooked rice onto the plate and scoop the ingredients over the rice to serve.

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