Monday, June 1, 2009

Fried shallots

I bought a big packet of shallots from NTUC, after a few weeks they look like they are going to rot.

So i decide to make fried shallots. Saw my mum make this ten thousand times, but this is my first attempt.

1) Peel and wash shallots. The trick is to dry the whole shallots before cutting.
If you have no time to cut immediately, the whole shallots can be kept in the fridge for 1 week

2) Slice shallots thinly (my knife skills are not so good, so turn out to be pretty chunky)

3) Using a low heat, heat pan with oil.
Put shallots before the oil heats up. Pour oil until all shallots are submerged in oil.
Maintain low heat and about 5 mins later, the oil will bubble up nicely.

Maintain low heat and allow shallots to cook for 15-20 mins, stirring constantly.

When part of shallots starts to brown, keep a close watch.
From this...

To this... will take only another 2-3 mins

Turn off heat. Before scooping out the shallots, sprinkle 1 tspn of salt into the oil.
This will reduce the oil temperature and prevent it from further browning while you are scooping it out.
Place shallots on plate to cool... oil will cool in the pan.
You notice that the shallots turn darker brown after its removed from the pan.
Its because it continues to brown from the residue oil and from its own heat.

Once both the oil and shallots are cooled down to room temperature, put the fried shallots into a air tight container and you can use it to sprinkle over porridge, rice or noodle in future.
As for the oil, keep it for stir frying... will have the shallots fragrant if you are lazy to mince garlic.
I have another bottle that has fried shallots and oil combined. This is used to put into soupy dishes or porridge.

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