Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fried Tioman fillet

Simple saturday afternoon lunch. Healthy and hearty meal...

Rub fish with salt and wash off.
Slice fish horizontally midway.
Pat dry, sprinkle with salt and pepper to marinate.

Coat fish with corn flour before frying in shallow oil.

The trick to frying fish is to keep pan covered. This will ensure that the heat trapped in the pan penetrates the fish and cook it thoroughly. Only remove the lid to turn the fish.

Another advantage is that it will prevent the oil from splitter splatter. When cooking fish, the juice from the fish will seep out into the oil and cause it to splatter... scary....

However, you need to be careful when removing the lid as the water vapour accumulated under the lid will cause the oil to splatter if you accidentally drip it into the pan. Remove the lid in one swift and quick motion. Have a cloth beside the pan to allow water to drip onto the cloth before covering the lid again.

Another advantage is that because removing the lid is so dangerous, you will not want to do it many times. This will prevent you from checking on the fish too often and the result is a nicely fried crisp fish skin.

Remove fish from pan, drizzle dark soya sauce onto the fish immediately.

My lunch... stir fried chye sim (stole 4 stalks from the 2 packets i bought for making suan chai - yes, its my 3rd attempt)... fried fish, fermented beancurd and a nice bowl of hot porridge.


Katlyn said...

Good recipe and I will try it. I am checking into Tioman Island hotels for a weekend and will relax.

Food of life said...

thank you! its a simple lunch, chinese style :)