Friday, June 19, 2009

Marusui Fish Market

For a long time (about 2-3 years already), hubby and i are 'fans' of Sakuraya fish market and will visit once every 2-3 mths. As we dont drive, we have to take the bus there to have sashimi fix every once in a while.

One fateful Saturday, hubby and i wanted to grab a quick snack at vivo basement (i love the fried vege pancakes they have).

As usual, he is the vivo guide and he took escalator near Marks & Spencer and make me walk through the carpark. Though i dont quite agree its a 'shortcut' route, i dont know the otherwise correct route so i just follow...

And to our pleasant surprise, we chance upon Marusui Fish Market.

The concept is very similar to Sakuraya: fresh sashimi on sale in chillers (they will slice it for you immediately if you want to dine in), ready made sushi and bento sets; some bread, green tea, japanese sauces on shelves; as well as tables and chairs for casual dine in.

I am attracted by the snow crab (cooked but cold) which is on promotion - $8 for half snow crab.

So instead of grabbing a quick snack, we had early dinner at 5pm and finish off with 3 scoops of Bens & Jerry for desserts! Yummy.

The freshness of the sashimi cannot match Sakuraya but for the price, it still ok.

4 sashimi (Scallop, salmon, sword fish and something-else-i-cant-remember), 1/2 snow crab, 1 bowl of sushi rice with a can of Asahi and one cup of green tea - total damage ~ $50

Will i go again? Probably yes, for a quick sashimi fix. The bentos and handrolls look very good, will go back to try them one day.

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