Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red husk rice wine

Another of my 'chu' pattern stunt... wine making!
The teochew or cantonese use this to make 'ang cheow' wine and use the 'ang cheow' residue for cooking.
My grandma makes this wine for my grandfather to drink. After she knows that hubby's family cooks 'ang cheow' chicken, she happily gave them all to me (she used to have no one to give to and pass them to neighbours)

Magic proportions:
- 1 kg of glutinous rice
- 2 wine biscuits
- 2 'liang' of red rice husk

How to do it?

**IMPORTANT**ALL equipment must be dirt and oil free, wear gloves at all time or handle with clean dry hands**Failure to adhere to the above will result in contamination and the entire mixture will turn mouldy and wine will turn sour**

Cook 1 kg of glutinous rice in rice cooker as if you are cooking fragrant white rice. Put about 10-20% more water....

After rice is cooked, let it cook until it can be handled by hand.
Do not let it cook totally or else u will end up with a sticky hard lump of rice that is impossible to mix.

While rice is cooling, break 2 pieces of wine biscuit (chinese yeast) into fine pieces. Remember to store this in the freezer when not in use else it will lose its 'effects'.

Pair with two 'liang' of red rice husk. Crush them slightly.

Mix wine biscuit and red rice husk with glutinous rice and 1 cup of room temperature boiled water.

Place in a sterile container to ferment in air tight condition.

Day 1 and 2 - No change

Day 3 - you will start to see wine like liquid starts to fill in the empty spaces and air pushed out as air bubbles.

On the 4th day, the rice will suspend atop a layer of wine (about 1 inch thick) - sorry no photo

On this day, you are suppose to open the container, mix it well with another cup of room temperature boiled water. This is the last time you are suppose to open the container and touch the mixture.

Seal the container tightly for 1 last time and leave it to ferment for 1 mth (day 1 to day 30)
Update on day 7

**this post will be updated regularly until day 30**


StereoSushi said...

girl..very impressive!! Well done!! Proud of u! Will visit more often and sneak some tips from u..:P

Food of life said...

come my house for 'wine tasting' :) 2 more weeks to go!