Sunday, June 28, 2009

My secret garden

After 3 years, my mini garden is finally looking presentable.

On the left is the water feature and plants
Ginger, aloe vera, 'xi gu' in water and many other plants...
My pandan, mint and 'shui mei' on a rack hanging from the railing. Getting full sunlight for at least 4 hrs daily.

On the right is more plants

I am always working on having more 'greens' in my balcony mini garden and more importantly, is to get them free!

Which is the reason why when i have plant-able stuff, i will just dig a hole in the soil and hoping that it will grow.

Tried corindar roots, spring onion and ginger so far. Only ginger worked.
This the the ginger when the first shoots appear.
Do you know which one is the ginger now?

This is the baby aloe vera when I first started out too... its much bigger now, can u spot it?

This is the first pot of money plant, it keeps growing new shoots now i end up with 3 pots!

Not forgetting my 'xi gu', harvested from the pond and planted in soil. Its another successful attempt to create many from one.

'Xi gu' in the pond on the left and right, circled in light purple
Ginger is the tall plant on the top left corner, circle in red
Aloe vera is beside the ginger, second from the left upper most corner, in light blue circle.
The ferns circled in black, they are all free! started growing from no where...

And once in a while, i get visitors...

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