Monday, June 22, 2009

Fuzhou fishball mee sua

Beautiful picture huh?
Red, green, brown, grey, olive, white....

Saturday went to MIL place for dinner, tabao home some old cucumber soup and she gave me 10 special fuzhou fishballs she bought from Chinatown market.
1 fishball costs 40cents okay? Not cheap hor... MIL say fuzhou fishball normally cost 30cents each. This is more ex cos its really special.

For those of u who dont know what is fuzhou fishball, the reason why its so ex is because this fishball has minced pork in the centre. For this 40 cents one, its REALLY good. When u bite into it, the juice of the minced pork will spurt out. Hubby's shorts kena. Haha.....

What do you need?
- Stock (any leftover soup for 2 u have in the fridge - dilute with 1/2 the amount of water)
- 6 fuzhou fishball (3 per pax)
- 1/4 pack of minced pork (makes around 20 meat balls)
- 4 stalks of chye sim (wash and cut into 2 inch long)
- 1 pack of chilli brand mee sua (4 bundles, 2 per pax)
- 6 prawns (3 per pax)

How to do it?
In separate bowls, marinate minced pork and prawn with soya sauce, pepper, sesame seed oil and chinese wine.

Pot 1: Pour stock (about 2 bowls) dilute with 1 bowl of water into a pot. Bring to boil.
Place fuzhou fishballs into soup, cook until fishball floats to surface.

Add 1 tsp of corn flour into minced pork, mix well, scoop minced pork onto palm of hand to make into tiny meatballs and throw them into soup to cook.

In Pot 2, bring 3 cups of water to boil. Place 4 bundles of mee sua into water and cook for 2 mins. Stir with chopsticks to separate the mee sua. Dont over cook. Drain away hot water and divide the mee sua into 2 big bowls.

In pot 1, add prawns and chye sim, bring to boil.

Scoop fuzhou fishball, prawn, chye sim and meatballs into bowl with mee sua. Pour in stock.

Put a dash of fried shallots and pepper in the soup.


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